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We founded hobbyDB because we saw a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a company OWNED by collectors and fans.

Why? In a world dominated by eBay, Amazon, and Facebook, a united group of fans can be powerful when it comes to building the ultimate fan & collectible experience.

By uniting fans of all kinds, we’re attempting to create a company that can influence and power the $500 billion collectible/fan merch space.

Our long term goal is to unite 100,000 collectors as Shareholders of the company. Our mission is to create a massive grassroots audience that can make hobbyDB the most influential company in the collectible and fan merch market (and share the financial upside with its core members). If we can achieve that, we can really shape the destiny of the collectible galaxy.

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So what’s in it for you? A lot actually.

For the first time ever, we’re opening our doors to collectors worldwide and giving you the opportunity to own a piece of hobbyDB and its family of brands (including Pop Price Guide and The Toy Peddler). Equity crowdfunding basically allows anyone to easily invest in early-stage companies that they believe will do great things! By uniting fans of all kinds, we’ll be able to shape the future of collecting and create a resource that we all love to use. As hobbyDB grows, so does our power!

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Why invest in hobbyDB

We want to be THE authority when it comes to collecting and celebrating every fandom.

That means new and updated features and tools to allow you to build and track the value of your collection, and do so with confidence.

And we accomplish this with help from our annual Crowdfunding efforts. But! Unlike donations, hobbyDB Crowdfunding allows those who put their faith in us to own a piece of the company, so that if we do well, so do you.


So far we’ve raised $656,872 from 1,432 investors thanks to Equity Crowdfunding. With that money we’ve been able to grow to a huge 800,000 database items, 5.8M price points in the guide and more than 375,000 App downloads. All powered by a community of 660,000 members.

And we’re just getting started. Find out all you need to know at our Wefunder Profile here

When you own an 80’s toy collection that could fill the trailers of 10 life-size Optimus Primes, you start to get a little hazy on what items you have and what you still need. I love the hobbyDB concept because it’s perfect for helping me keep track by documenting my collection!
Adam Goldberg

In the world of collectibles, data is everything – is the bedrock that enables cataloging, tracking, valuation, commerce, and sharing. I believe in the mission and strategy that the hobbyDB team is taking, and proud to be part of the ‘team’ (and I promise that, in time, I will get your my data from The Collectible GI Joe!).
Derryl DePriest

I use hobbyDB mostly for research; there is a vast amount of knowledge by worldwide collectors on this site. I also use it to buy those hard to find pieces and to sell off my extras. It’s simple and easy.
Jim Garbaczewski

I am a Hard Rock Pin Collector and hobbyDB has made my hobby great again. This is a great place to log my inventory, sell, trade pin and also learn about other collectable items. I highly recommend them as a place to inventory your collectables.

hobbyDB is an exciting company & I truly believe that it's success is inevitable - I want to be part of that success.

As a Collector this tool is desperately needed in the market. A personal use and need for hobbyDB has given me great comfort in investing and becoming a part of something AMAZING!!!

Our Partners -

We partner with some of the best brands in the collectible universe.

Our Investors -

Some really smart people believe in hobbyDB. This is your chance to invest alongside these awesome investors.

Adam Goldberg

Creator & Producer of The Goldbergs

Andy Goodman 

Organizer of the Central Pennsylvania’s Collector Con (& many car shows)

Anita Smith

Founder of Chickluu’s Redline Forum (& Operator of our site The Toy Peddler)

Cletus Seldin
Youtube channels on Funko and other pop culture (and we hear the Guinness Book record holder for the largest Funko collection)

Derryl DePriest

Book Author on GI Joe and Star Wars figures & formerly VP Hasbro

Dov Kelemer
Co-founder of DKE Toys, the largest independent wholesale distributor of designer toys

Fabio Di Pane Masi
Founder of Diecastlovers

Jennifer & Mark Millhollin
Organizer of the Official Hot Wheels conventions

Jim Cowen
CEO of Automodello & Diecasm

Jim Garbaczewski
Publisher Hot Wheels Newsletter

John Smoke
Owner, Diecast Model Wholesale

Mac Ragan
Designer of Johnny Lightning & GreenLight models

Manny Ruiz
CEO Nostalgiacon

Matt Oldweiler
Founder of Geepeekay

Mike Horn
Founder of Palisades Toys  &  Inductee Pop Culture Hall of Fame

Sergio Goldvarg
Founder Goldvarg Collection

William Taylor
Director Auto-Archives  &  Publisher, Coterie-Press