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We’re excited to announce that the hobbyDB family of brands is blasting off on a mission to revolutionize the collecting experience and give fans, nerds, geeks, builders, collectors and everyone else who relishes collecting the power to take charge of their experience like never before! Whether it’s tools to help you build your collection or the power to influence what your favorite companies produce, we want to put it in your hands!

Our goal is to build the ULTIMATE resource for collectors and fans worldwide. A place where you can explore, track, and most importantly, safely buy and sell collectibles. With your involvement, we’re powering a movement that excites collectors of all kinds, unites fans across the “collector-verse”, and pays tribute to our shared passions.


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But what the heck is crowdfunding?

It used to be that investing in awesome projects and great teams making cool things (and potentially lots of $$$) was just for the top 1%. But now, thanks to the JOBS Act, EVERYONE gets the opportunity to own a piece of something great that they love! Equity crowdfunding basically allows anyone to easily invest in early-stage pre-IPO companies that they believe will do great things!

hobbyDB is the very first company in its space designed to be owned by collectors and fans! We decided to go this route rather than a donations/kickstarter model because we believe hobbyDB and its sister brands, PopPriceGuide and The Toy Peddler get their strength from the powerful communities that are behind them. By uniting collectors and fans of all kinds, we’ll be able to become the ultimate collectible influencers; and we want you to be able to own a piece of the action.

Our goal is to become the epicenter of the collectible world and pay out to our backers in the form of dividends and unmatched power when it comes to influencing what products hit the shelves. Plus if someone were to make us an offer we can’t refuse and acquire the company, you’d get a portion of the payment of the sales price (more of all of that on the crowdfunding campaign page).


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If you’re still thinking about whether owning a piece of hobbyDB and our other sites would be right for you, don’t take our word for it! Get to know some of our newest shareholders and see what some of them have to say…


Adam Goldberg

Creator & Producer of The Goldbergs

“When you own an 80’s toy collection that could fill the trailers of 10 life-size Optimus Primes, you start to get a little hazy on what items you have and what you still need. I love the hobbyDB concept because it’s perfect for helping me keep track by documenting my collection!”

Andy Goodman

Organizer of the Central Pennsylvania’s Collector Con (& many car shows)

“You have my support, just completed the process with a small investment- least I can do is give back a little to such a great resource that has helped me track my collection for free – having some 1200 pops now it is impossible to remember all that I have and don’t.”

Anita Smith

Founder of Chickluu’s Redline Forum (& Operator of our site The Toy Peddler)

“Because I truly believe hobbyDB is the future for collectors… IT IS!”


Hard Rock Collector, Pin Master & member of the Pin Master Advisory Board.

“I am a Hard Rock Pin Collector and hobbyDB has made my hobby great again. This is a great place to log my inventory, sell, trade pin and also learn about other collectable items. I highly recommend them as a place to inventory your collectables.”

See Blossomgirl’s Showcase


Just someone who has rediscovered Hot Wheels and has become a happy but somewhat obsessed collector

“Very Helpful! Always reliable for information about buying and selling! A great selling platform!!”

See Jayhow’s Showcase


Pop Price Guide Seller with hundreds of Pop!s for sale.

“I use both hobbyDB and PPG daily. I wanted to be part of an awesome team!”

See Logan49’s Showcase


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With your support, here are some of the awesome things we’ll be able to do for the community

for Collectors

  • A dedicated hobbyDB App! Wherever you’re at, hobbyDB will be right there too!
  • All the data! We have records of over 1 million more collectible items to add to the database!
  • Fabulous features! A collection management overhaul to make it super-customizable!
  • Sharing is caring! New ways to share your collection with your friends!
  • Deck the halls with PR jolly! We’ll build up the halls into THE key annual event celebrating the greats!
  • Get all our inductees collectibles and collections documented on hobbyDB!

  • Making it Appen! We know PPGers want an App so we’ll give you one!
  • Manage those collections with added style – collection management improvements in line with hobbyDB

  • The Toy Peddler’s codebase practically IS a collectible all itself! We’ll bring the site up to date with a modern rewrite to make sure it’s working and stable at all times.
  • The Toy Peddler look and feel will remain similar and TTP will continue to operate independently under the trusted leadership of Anita Chickluus Smith.
  • Awesome tools to track inventory, buy shipping and list FAST.
  • Make your need to use eBay or Amazon a thing of the past!

  • More databases! More data! More things to collect!
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate a database of anything with YOUR site!
  • Collection management so flexible it could backflip at Olympic level – but instead it dedicates itself to tracking your collection the way you want it to!

for Sellers

  • Many more Custom Marketplaces
  • More eCommerce integrations such as our recent Shopify integration
  • Enable purchased in other currencies such as the Euro or the British Pound
  • USPS and other shipping integrations

for Brands

  • Many more Custom Databases
  • Continued dialog of what collectors what to see next
  • More bespoke products for our audiences

Built and owned by collectors, become a hobbyDB backer today

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