Introducing the new hobbyDB Vision in beta!

hobbyDB Vision
hobbyDB Vision Launch Screen

Since the beginning, one of our most requested features has been a native mobile application. We are excited to report that one of our crowdfunding investors, Zack Fisher, has gone above and beyond to create the first version of our new app.

The beta version’s initial technology is a simple UPC scanner. Starting today you’ll be able to scan any barcode and if it matches a UPC in the database the item will immediately load in your web browser. From there you’ll be able to interact with the item as you would expect:  adding it to your collection or doing a little research on the details and current value. In the first beta release you’ll also be able to generate your own QR codes which you can link to your Showcase, Gallery or other shareable lists. The beta version will initially run on iOS devices as 60% of our members use iPhones, but we’ve got our eyes set on an Android release soon.

Here is a quick demo on what we expect the application to look like:

We are excited to share that our iOS application is almost ready for release. Once Apple approves our submission it will be immediately available to anyone using an iPhone. As an additional perk to being a shareholder or volunteer, we can provide early access to the app through Apple’s Test Flight system. If you are interested in using the app before the official release, please let us know.

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